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In an extension of previous work, Preowned Exotic leathers heels Bionda Castana V4TKZF
used a 2D LED motion capture system to analyse inter-joint coordination and “angle of attack” (angle of the vector defined from MCP to fingertip relative to the key) during key press. Participants were required to execute simultaneous staccato touch of the G3 (thumb) and G4 (little finger) using the right-hand. These keystrokes were played at four sound levels: piano, mezzo-piano, mezzo-forte and forte . At a kinematic level, experts were shown to exhibit shoulder flexion immediately prior to key press, which highlights movement being initiated at the proximal joints. In addition, during key press, the shoulder, wrist and MCP joints (assumed as a rigid body with no PIP or DIP joints) showed simultaneous flexion with notable flexion of the wrist and MCP joint, while the elbow extended. In contrast, novice players exhibited strategies of shoulder extension that continued beyond the point of finger contact with the keys and predominantly used wrist and elbow extension and no notable wrist and MCP flexion during key press. The angle of attack was also shown to be larger in experts than novice players. The results of experts in this study can be directly compared to Womens Shoes On Sale Black Rubber 2017 25 35 45 55 Salvatore Ferragamo Womens Shoes On Sale Black VNTbwV
, whereby flexion of the MCP joint continued to the end of the key press. However, while Furuya and Kinoshita (2008b) assumed a rigid body from the MCP to the fingertip, thus omitting the PIP and DIP joints, the study by Foldaway Tote Black Was Always Beautifu by VIDA VIDA gtMscK3Jf
show simultaneous extension of the DIP joint toward the end of key press motion. The PIP joint remained in flexion with little dynamic change throughout the key press. The wrist however did move from extension through to flexion. Goebl and Palmer (2013) investigated hand movement efficiency in piano playing, and particularly interdependencies of finger movements during key press (see Movements at Faster Tempi for discussion relative to tempo). A MIDI keyboard and a Vicon motion capture system were used to measure wrist and finger movements. They also captured a cyclical melody for the right hand, which may account for the difference between their results and those of Furuya and Kinoshita (2008b) . In terms of the system, this technology has been proven to be the most robust and accurate ( Metcalf, 2008 , 2009 ; Womens Fre03tzblue CrossBody Bag Blue Bleu Blue Les Tropeziennes L6IgOV0sB
, Givenchy Woman Nekka Elaphe And Leather Sandals Black Size 37 Givenchy mgBZTQ
; Metcalf and Notley, 2011 ), however there is no detail given on the validity of the chosen kinematic measurement technique.

This study also highlighted the importance of tempo, particularly relevant was the ability of the performer to play at faster tempi and the relationship this had to inter-joint coordination ( Goebl and Palmer, 2013 ). In contrast to previous studies that did not study finger movements in depth ( Furuya and Kinoshita, 2008b ), Goebl and Palmer (2013) showed that faster movements originated at the MCP joint, with little movement at the PIP and DIP joints, whereas during slower movements, the MCP joint flexed notably followed by extension of the PIP and DIP joints.

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Ai Weiwei in Austin

Ai Weiwei

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Laguna Gloria

Ryan Gander

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Laguna Gloria Master Plan

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Courtesy Reed Hilderbrand and Trahan Architects

An enhanced visitor experience at Laguna Gloria

In this genre-defying horror-musical mash-up, a pair of carnivorous mermaid sisters are drawn ashore in an alternate eighties Poland to explore the wonders and temptations of life on land. A coming-of-age fairy tale with a catchy new wave soundtrack, lavishly grimy sets, and outrageous musical numbers, The Lure explores its themes of sexuality, exploitation, and adulthood with energy and originality.

Fri, July 20, Gates 7:30P, Film 8:45P

Laguna Gloria Amphitheater

Based on the Irish legend of the Selkies, Song of the Sea tells the story of the last seal-child, Saoirse, and her brother Ben, who go on an epic journey to save the world of magic and discover the secrets of their past. Pursued by mythical creatures, they race against time to awaken Saoirse’s powers in this breathtaking, hand-drawn animated film for all ages, by director Tomm Moore of The Secret of Kells .

Fri, July 27, Gates 7:30P, Film 8:45P

Laguna Gloria Amphitheater

This group exhibition features work by eight compelling local artists who participated in the The Contemporary Austin’s Crit Group—a seven-month-long program that supports a strong artistic practice through monthly critiques and professional development workshops. Exhibiting artists: Adrian Aguilera, Christa Blackwood, Christine Garvey, Ron Geibel, Jenn Hassin, Landon O’Brien, Dawn Okoro, and Rachel Wolfson Smith.

Thus we are led back again to the question of the specific nature of the relation between the body and cinematic representation, between the literal and the figural, between the “matter that means” and the “meaning that matters.” For all my argument about the cross-modal communication of our senses and the synthetic quality of the lived body which comprehends both our sensorium and language, it is phenomenologically and logically evident that I do not “touch” the cinema nor does it “touch” me in precisely the same way in which I touch or am touched by others unmediated by cinema (or other perceptual technologies). However hard I may hold my breath or grasp my theater seat, I don’t have precisely the same rollercoaster ride watching Speed that I would have if I were on that runaway bus or at the amusement park. I also don’t taste or smell or digest those luscious dishes in Like Water for Chocolate (or, for that matter, in my cookbook) in the same way I would if, unmediated by cinema, they were set on the table before me. Where, then, does this leave us at the movies? Or as theorists of the cinema? Are we condemned to speak of our sensual engagement of the cinema as confounding–our material responsiveness to films that matter understood only, as Dyer puts it, “in some still unclear sense ‘as if real'”? Dyer’s “as if real” (particularly as he brackets the phrase in quotation marks) not only begs the question, but keeps it undecidable. And Dyer is not alone. If we return to those popular reviews that speak to our sensual experience at the movies, his uncertainty and ambivalence are duplicated, albeit less reflectively. The Piano ‘s “salt air can almost be tasted” one reviewer tells us–at the same time he speaks of “ immediate tactile shock.” The reviewer of Toy Story says the plastic Tyrannosaurus rex “is so glossy and tactile you feel as if you could reach out and stroke its hard, shiny head”– at the same time he says that “the waxy sheen” of toy soldiers “strike Proustian chords of recognition ,” suggesting a sense memory less reflectively thought than reexperienced. This ambivalence and confusion about the literal and figural nature of our sensuous engagement with the cinema is wonderfully condensed and exemplified in a review of Eat Drink Man Woman (Ang Lee, 1994): “The presentation of food on-screen is, in all senses of the word , delectable.” (67) Here, not only is on-screen food “presented” rather than “represented” but also it is experienced as delectable both literally in “all senses” and figurally in all senses of “the word.”

In The Rule of Metaphor , philosopher Paul Ricoeur writes: “If there is a point in our experience where living expression states living existence, it is where our movement up the entropic slope of language encounters the movement by which we come back this side of the distinctions between actuality, action, production, motion.” (68) Clearly, these ambivalent articulations of the sensual experience of the lived body in relation to cinematic representation mark just such a point. Thus, at this point, I want to consider this ambivalence and confusion in the film experience between our sense of having a “real” sensual experience (the literal) and an “as if real” sensual experience (the figural), and to argue that this ambivalence has a precise phenomenological structure grounded in the non-hierarchical reciprocity and chiasmatic reversibility of sense as, at once, a carnal matter and a conscious meaning –both emerging simultaneously (if in various ratios) from that single system of flesh and consciousness synthesized as the lived body . This is another way of saying that the body and representation (cinematic representation, linguistic representation, et. al.) do not simply–or only–oppose or reflect each other. Rather, they more radically in-form each other in a fundamentally non-hierarchical and reversible relationship of commensurability and incommensurability that, in certain circumstances, manifests itself as an oscillating, ambivalent, and often ambiguous or “undecidable” experience.

I would say that it is certainly possible that it is coming from the neck. It would probably be coming from a lower segment in the cervical spine. I would have a doc or a PT check it out.

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Faye says

I had cubital tunnel surgery on June 2 ,2016. I am still tolerating tingling, burning, and shock pains in my hand, half of ring finger and pinky finger. I can’t sleep well st night. Doctor said it will take several months for the nerves to heal. I started feeling the sensation in Feb 2016. What can I do to help relieve this bad feeling. I’m suffering a Nd loosing sleep.I have taken medication pain medication, any other suggestions. I even exercise my hand. Please someone tell me what to do. Thanks


I would keep the elbow from bending too much when you sleep. A soft immobilizer brace should work. I think that we have one on our product link. I think that seeing a physical therapist might also be helpful. YOu might benefit from doing some basic nerve glides, but a PT needs to decide that after evaluating you.


El says

Yesterday I fell asleep on my hand. When I woke up only my ring finger felt numb and tingling until today. How long will it take to heal?


Also I don’t know what to do about it


You really have to wait to let the nerve heal. It could be anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. If it does not at least start feeling less numb in a day or two I would call your doc and ask about it. I would keep the wrist and the elbow from bending too much in the mean time.


Camilia says

When I was pregnant in 2002 I had obtained carpal tunnel in my hands, my doctor told me that once my child was born it will go away it took a couple of weeks and it did. Usually if I sleep a certain way and have my arm bent my hand will go numb or if I’m holding on to something for a long period of time my hand will go numb but it will come back to normal. The other day I was at work and I was pulling on a tray out of a carrier because it was stuck with my right hand and after that my last two fingers became numb and it hasn’t went away it’s been 3 days what should I do?



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